Episode 1: Meet two Epiphany Midwives

Here are some of the resources we mention in our conversation: 

For information about Shadow Work:  http://thefordinstitute.com/shadow-work/

Using muscle testing to make decisions and access the subconscious mind: http://amybscher.com/getting-answers-from-the-subsconscious-mind/

To learn more about this practice of identifying one's desired feeling and using it as a magnetic beacon to pull you along your own spiritual thread: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/thedesiremap/

One of Sarah's teachers/mentors: Chameli Ardaugh, a leader on the path of feminine embodiment yoga: https://awakeningwomen.com/about-2/

Autobiography of a Yogi: http://bookstore.yogananda-srf.org/product/autobiography-of-a-yogi-13/?gclid=CIn47tq5s9MCFUE9gQodrtUKWw

Pixie Lighthorse (our newest crush): www.pixielighthorse.com

On fasting as a spiritual practice, a lecture by Dr Andrea Paige: http://liveforvitality.com/the-live-for-vitality-podcast-episode-4-fasting/

Bliss and Grit, Brooke and Vanessa's inspiring podcast that really got us started doing our own! http://www.blissandgrit.com/all-episodes/

We used Ringr to produce this podcast: https://www.ringr.com