Meditation on Belonging

Hi friends! So I recorded this meditation on belonging as a self-healing exercise, because lately I have been noticing how much this need/feeling of belonging is coming up for me. I am preparing for a conversation with friends about "intentional spiritual community" and as I am getting ready for this conversation, I am realizing that this is a very charged topic for me, because of this need for belonging, especially in a spiritual community. 

This meditation is based on a parenting principle that I learned from the book "How to Talk so Your Kids Will Listen and Listen so Your Kids Will Talk" many years ago. The principle is that we can give ourselves (or our kids) the things that we most want in our imagination, even if we don't (yet) have them in reality. I have found this to be such a powerful practice: allowing myself to have (in my imagination first) what I want on an emotional/vibrational level, and then letting go of the outcome and seeing what happens. It's about a 15 minute meditation, I would love feedback from anyone who would like to explore this with me!