"You have made and continue to make a major impact, impression, imprint in my life. Thank you for believing in me, my family and my role in society. You mean more to me than you know." - K.F.

"You hear my inner world, then bring me to a cohesive place. It is a remarkable gift." - B.H.

"Thank you for the most intimate and uplifting conversation I have ever had with anyone." -L.H.

"Sarah has a natural gift that allows her to reflect back to you the hidden thread that connects various imbalances and relationship issues that you are experiencing. You are likely aware of this thread, but unable to see it, like a hair tickling your forehead that you just can't seem to brush back on your own. -R.J.


S A R A H   W I L S O N   B E L Z I L E

For as long as I can remember, I have loved epiphanies; the perspective shift that opens up new possibilities and gives us more capacity to love, to learn and to act. I am here to serve our capacity to be intimate with our wildness.

I am a student of Yoga, Human Relationships, Biological Systems, Non Violent Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Tantra, Somatic Body Awareness, Cuddle Parties, Contemplative Prayer and Almost Funny Jokes.

I live in a cabin surrounded by moss, ferns, rocks, creeks and rusty pick up trucks in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky